Sharks Make Water More of a Hazard on Aussie Golf Course

I’ve long argued the only good thing about golf is fishing the water hazards, and like I’m sure many of you did in your misspent youth, I used to catch a lot of nice fish by sneaking onto the water hazards of my hometown golf courses. But as good as it was, it can’t compare to the angling opportunities of one golf course water hazard in Australia…


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To paraphrase Jack Handey: “When you lose your ball at Carbrook, I’d just forget about it, because brother, that ball is gone.” Below are a pair of videos shot by visitors to beautiful Carbrook , located in a suburb of Logan City, Queensland, about 24 miles from Brisbane, Aus.
_Great, now every golf course is going to want its own shark. The Logan River is nearby, but doesn’t actually run through the course. The story is that the river flooded its banks in the early 1990s, and several fish species — including sharks — were washed into the lakes a creeks of the course. At first sharks there were just considered a myth, but now after several sightings, the golf course staff actually feeds them (usually chicken, I’m told).

Could you imagine sneaking onto that golf course late at night, looking for bass and hooking that thing? My question is, what kind of shark is it to be able to thrive in fresh water? Bull shark, maybe?