Remember “that kid” at your school science fair who would always bring something wonderful, amazing and brilliant? Some grad-school-level thesis that made your lumpy, modeling-clay “erupting volcano” look like a pre-school finger-painting project? Yeah, that kid. Well, he’s still out there, and now he’s being brilliant with trail cams…

From this story in the Spokane Spokesman-Review:
_Riverside High School senior Erik Kemp wondered if baiting deer would change the animal’s behavior – a concern he’d heard from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. But no one had the answer, so the 18-year-old turned the question into a science project.
_Kemp set up four trail cameras in four different areas of his family’s multi-acre property and logged the whitetail deer’s behavior over three months.

“Two weeks of baiting them had no lasting effect on their behavior,” Kemp said of his research. His curiosity, and the science project, has earned him a trip to the National Science Symposium in San Diego at the end of the month. The teen will also present his findings to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s eastern division on Tuesday. The department has never collected data on baiting deer, officials said._

That’s brilliant, and I bet Eric’s display was right next to the kid with the erupting volcano…