The massive and ongoing wildfires in Texas have not only burned in excess of one million acres, they’re taking a heavy toll on livestock and wildlife.

From this story in the Bellingham Herald:

The carnage at Justin Cormack’s Texas family ranch was as grim as he feared after wildfires raced through the 12,000-acre property. He found 20 cows burned to death, as well as deer scorched so badly that their antlers were nubs. Some cattle clearly tried to escape the flames driven by 60-mph gusts by crossing a creek, only to be trapped by a 30-foot rock bluff. “I found them just stacked there on top of each other,” Cormack said. Wildfires are not just consuming homes and exhausting evacuees. They are exacting a toll on livestock and wildlife in communities where ranching and hunting leases are part of people’s livelihoods.