Mountain lions, wolves, bears and other megafauna aren’t the only fearsome predators expanding their range. For the first time ever, wolverine tracks have been found in eastern Oregon

From this story in the East Oregonian:
_For the first time in recorded history, biologists have confirmed tracks in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon are those of a North American wolverine. A news release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said researcher Dr. Audrey Magoun found the wolverine tracks in the snow Sunday while hiking to a remote camera site to detect wolverines. She followed the tracks for about a mile until they left the river bottom and headed into the high country. “From the size of the track, it is probably a male,” Magoun said. Vic Coggins, ODFW district wildlife biologist, said this is the first confirmation of a wolverine in Wallowa County. “We’ve always thought it was good habitat, and we’ve had reports, but nothing we could verify until now,” he said
Wolverines are one of the most secretive, seldom-seen animals in North America. Has anyone living in wolverine territory ever caught a glimpse of one?