A bill that would lift Michigan’s minimum age for hunters is making its way through the statehouse.

From this story on Interlochen Public Radio:
The state House has approved a measure that would eliminate the age restriction on children who hunt with an adult. Currently, the state does not allow children under the age of 10 to hunt at all. This measure would allow a child of any age to hunt, fish, or trap with an adult 21 years or older who has a license and has taken a hunter safety course. “We spend too much time today behind TVs and computer screens and not enough time monitoring what youth are doing. This gives us some an opportunity to get them out, spend some time with them and introduce them to our sport,” says the bill’s sponsor, Republican state Representative Peter Petallia. _A handful of lawmakers voted against the bill. Some said children under 10 should not handle firearms. A few said hunting seasons with youth spook deer and other game before the regular season begins.
Thoughts? How young is too young, or do mandated age restrictions just impede new hunter recruitment?