A fatal coyote attack on an Aspen resident’s dog has prompted a statewide warning to pet owners that coyotes do not play nice.


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A pack of coyotes attacked and killed a pet dog in Aspen on Friday afternoon, prompting the Colorado Division of Wildlife to remind residents to take precautions in areas where conflicts with wildlife are possible. An Aspen resident said she and her dog were on a hiking trail on Smuggler Mountain when the attack occurred. The woman reported that she was walking her six-month old Labradoodle in an area where it is legal for pets to roam off-leash when one or more coyotes attacked the puppy after it apparently approached them in a playful manner. “This is a very unfortunate incident and I feel very badly for this lady,” said Area Wildlife Manager Perry Will. “It is also a sad reminder that pet owners need to keep their pets on a leash and take precautions whenever they walk their pets in areas where they could encounter wildlife.”
“…Experts also recommend that even around the home, pet owners should keep their pets indoors, in a yard protected by at least a 6-foot fence or in an enclosed kennel. Avoid allowing a dog to approach coyotes at all costs, even if the animals appear to want to play. Often an apparent invitation to play is in reality a prelude to an attack._

Have your dogs had any close encounters with coyotes this year?