Could federal budget cuts affect your stocker trout fishing? It’s happening in Tennessee.

From this story in The Tennessean:
The trout supply for fishermen in Tennessee could face a substantial shortfall because of federal budget cuts that impact fish hatcheries. Federal fish hatcheries responsible for raising 60 percent of all trout in Tennessee, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency stated. The Dale Hollow and Erwin hatcheries are both are operated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and supply trout for fishing at dozens of locations in the state.
The proposed cuts would eliminate a majority of the funding for Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery and Erwin National Fish Hatchery, according to the TWRA.

Federal cuts are scheduled to be effective in October 2011. The TWRA claims its fish hatcheries cannot make up the shortfall and opportunities for the estimated 150,000 trout fishermen, as well as revenues, will be severely reduced_

Are there any hatcheries dependent on federal funds in your state?