I’m sure most of us, at some point, will find ourselves in the African bush surrounded by a pack of growling, hissing cheetahs. So when you do, just think back to when you read this blog post. It might save your life. But probably not, since you’re not the girl in the video. In fact, you’ll probably get eaten. But you’ll be safe in the knowledge, as you’re being eaten, that at least you tried. Actually, you can thank Phil Bourjaily for finding and sending it to me.

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Bet you didn’t experience wildlife like this when you were on your last wildlife safari. Marlice van Vuuren is a Namibian animal conservationist and a woman very familiar with the ways of the African cheetah. She should know, her last 34 years were spent growing up around animals in Namibia , and she currently runs the Na’an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary with her husband Rudie. It’s that sort of experience that’s prepared her for this close interaction with wild cheetahs, no doubt mixed with a healthy dose of bravery and maybe a shred of craziness. Check out this video where van Vuuren gets off of her dirt bike and walks around among the wild cats, often advancing towards them and showing her dominance — it’s a pretty amazing show.

Thoughts? Reaction? Does Mrs. van Vuuren have A. the biggest clanking pair on earth, or B. a death wish?