With ESA protection now gone, the state of Idaho is selling wolf tags for the upcoming season

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Now that gray wolves are no longer protected by the Endangered Species Act in Idaho, tags are now available to hunt them. Wolf hunting tags went on sale last Thursday all over the state. So far, nearly 1,000 have been sold. That’s a far cry from the number that hunters bought during the first few days of the sale in 2009. But, there’s a good explanation for that.
“We’re still trying to determine what to expect when it comes to these,” says Mike Keckler with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. “Two years ago when the tags went on sale, we sold over 5,100 on the first day. But, we need to keep in mind that those tags went on sale just prior to the hunting season. The hunting season in this case is still several months away.” The number of wolves that can be harvested, as well as when the hunting season will begin, won’t be set until sometime this summer.
Any Spud State hunters plan on buying a wolf tag?