— Chad Love


All of us “Happy Days”-watching children of the seventies knew the Fonz was cool, even after he jumped the shark. We just had no idea how cool…

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Not very many books are released on a Sunday. But that’s the case with I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River: Reflections on Family, Photography, and Fly Fishing by Henry Winkler, arriving from Insight Editions May 1st.

…Winkler’s warm-hearted spirit anchors the simple collection of Montana and Idaho river photos, reminiscences, and asides, resulting in a fantastic Father’s Day gift for any patriarch who owns a pair of knee-high rubber boots. The hand-written photo-captions font is also a nice touch.

That’s right, the Fonz is a flyfisherman and he’s written a book about it. I think maybe Henry Winkler fishes different spots than I do, because I’ve certainly met a few idiots on the rivers I fish, but still, it’s the Fonz, and he fishes. Thoughts? Reaction? Run with it…