Lone Star anglers who want to try their hand at hand-fishing may finally get their chance, if a recently-introduced noodling bill becomes law.

From this story in the Houston Chronicle:
Catfish fans who prefer using their hands to grab and haul in the big ones might get the chance to noodle legally in Texas. State Rep. Gary Elkins of Houston has proposed legislation that would make noodling legal under certain circumstances. The bill would allow the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to set standards for noodling. The guidelines would also be designed to protect the interests of the huge flathead catfish often the target of noodlers. The bill has passed through the House Committee on Culture, Recreation and Tourism. The measure awaits full House action. TWPD official Ken Kurzawski told the Austin American-Statesman that one suggestion was to limit noodling when water temperatures are 50 degrees or less, when catfish would be spawning.

OK, a show of hands (come on, you knew that was coming) from all the noodlers out there, provided you’ve got any hands left to raise: Is Texas just jealous of all the noodling attention Oklahoma receives? Would you noodle if it was legal in your state? Is this a good idea, bad idea? Is it even fishing, really? Discuss…