So how do you play chess in a war zone? The same way you do everything else in a war zone: with necessarily brilliant improvisation…

From this post on BoingBoing:_
Not much information is available about this improvised chess-set; it was reportedly created by a US Marine rifleman in Afghanistan._


Anyone care to guess which shell casings he used for the pieces? And if you click on the originating link here, you can learn more about the photo below, which is surely the Best. Chess set. Ever…

This chess set is yet another one of a kind item. I dare say this chess board may survive a nuclear blast! The board is constructed from 3/16 inch flat and 1/2 inch square pure solid hot rolled steel. Each board square is individually cut, prepped, welded to the steel frame. The board is signed and dated. Simple in design, but carefully crafted. The light squares are polished natural steel. The dark squares are hand painted black. The entire set is coated with clear polyurethane. The pieces are made using .223 caliber bullet shell casings, decorated with cuts, slashes, curls and bends. The light side pieces are set on red oak mounts, using steel cased shells and the dark side pieces are mounted on black walnut, using brass cased shells.

I want one…