As floodwaters continue to rise along the Mississippi, area wildlife continues to be squeezed into smaller and smaller areas, often finding shelter wherever and however they can…


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Please don’t feed the animals. Or touch them. Or do anything to keep them from crossing levees to escape rising floodwaters. At a time they are already under stress, deer, bear, turkeys and other animals don’t need any interference from humans, wildlife officials said Tuesday. Across woodlands near the Mississippi and other large rivers, wildlife is on the move. Louisiana has reported deer drownings and Mississippi officials are worried about a spike in deer-vehicle collisions.



Much of the focus is on the Atchafalaya Basin in south-central Louisiana. Over the weekend, the Morganza Spillway was opened, easing the crisis in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but ensuring millions of gallons of water will flood communities in the basin. Four black bears have been seen on the move in the Morganza area, said Christina Stephens, a spokeswoman for the governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. “We’ve received lots of wildlife sightings.”

Have any readers in the affected areas witnessed similar sights?