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Why don’t alligators eat attorneys? Professional courtesy, goes the old the joke. But that apparently doesn’t go both ways, at least with one Dallas attorney who, inspired by the “Swamp People” show, decided last week to try his hand at ‘gator hunting and came home with possibly the biggest alligator ever taken in the state of Texas.


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An episode of ‘Swamp People’ inspired Dallas attorney Levi McCathern to go on a hunt for bigger game. “Something I wanted to do was hunt something that could hunt me and alligators seemed like a challenge,” said McCathern, who has hunted since the age of six. But huge reptiles are a far cry from hunting dove and quail, which McCathern said he hunts year-round. As McCathern started looking for places he could hunt the large reptile, he checked the internet and typed two words — monster alligators. One place that kept showing in the search was the Trinity River. Yes, the Trinity River, which criss-crosses much of North Texas. Thus, McCathern decided that’s where he would hunt the colossal creature.
_Guided by experts two hours outside Dallas in Leon County, McCathern got his shot when a monster gator popped his head up out of the water just long enough for McCathern to pull the trigger. “It went right in the brain… it was a perfect shot, probably my luckiest shot.” Weighing a whopping 900 lbs and stretching 14 ft long, McCathern’s gator may be the largest ever killed in Texas history.