Field Notes readers may recall an item several weeks back about coyotes feasting on the dogs of Aspen, Colorado. In response, state officials have advised Aspen residents to – and I’m not making this up – be rude to the coyotes.

From this story in the Aspen Daily News:
_In the wake of a deadly coyote attack on a hiker’s pet dog on Smuggler Mountain last month, state wildlife officials are urging locals to be extra mean to coyotes. “If you see a coyote, yell at it, scream at it, throw a rock at it,” Kevin Wright of the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) said during a presentation to the county commissioners and their open space board Tuesday. “Do whatever you want to do to make it afraid of you.” Persistent hazing is the best way to avoid confrontations between hikers and coyotes, Wright said, such as the incident on the city- and county-owned Smuggler property where a pack of coyotes killed an unleashed labradoodle in front of its owner.
So as a public service to the residents of Aspen, I’m asking Field Notes readers – many of whom are quite accomplished at being rude to coyotes – to give the good folks of Aspen their favorite, most effective means of being exceedingly rude to the coyotes: .223? .22-250?