_ Field Notes has long poked fun at the wildlife-related foibles of New Yorkers. Between the city’s urban hipster digital hunting fad , the killer turkeys of Staten Island Brooklyn’s rampaging opossums the Bronx’s killer rat snakes or the murderous swans of Prospect Park you might get the impression I enjoy mocking the Big Apple. And you’d be right… But this New York story is so sensible, so level-headed, so free of histrionics that we must give credit where credit is due. Nuisance geese around New York City’s airports that must be killed will now be going to food banks rather than landfills. From this story on

New York City plans to send geese captured around its airports to a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse and then distribute them to food banks there. The decision by the city Department of Environmental Protection was made following criticism that the gassed geese were dumped into landfills. A department spokesman tells The New York Times that it wanted its efforts to enhance public safety but also help those in need. Goose eradication was authorized after U.S. Airways Flight 1549 made a miraculous landing in the Hudson River in 2009 after geese were caught in its engines. The agency said that next year the meat will probably be fed to needy New Yorkers._

That’s such a great idea even I can’t make fun of it. What’s going on in NYC? We love the idea, but we certainly don’t want to lose one of Field Notes’ most reliable sources of blog material. Where’s a killer possum when you need one?