What is it with white-collar dudes and massive man-eating beasts this week? First it was the Dallas attorney who shot a monster 14-foot gator. Now, a group of Miami bankers taking part in a fishing tournament have hauled in a giant thousand-pound mako shark.

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A group of Miami bankers has quite the shark tale to tell after reeling in a one-thousand-pound, twelve foot, mako shark 16 miles off of Elliot Key. ”I don’t have to watch Jaws any more, I lived it,” said Oscar Fernandez. The Ocean Bank team he was on was participating in an FIU alumni fishing tournament. They were out scouting schools of mahi-mahi, but instead saw a dorsal fin in the distance. That’s when the cat and mouse game began. First they worked to hook the giant predator. Then they watch in awe as it jumped out of the water about 10 feet. It would take seven men more than four hours to reel it in. Boat captain John Dudas has been fishing for more than 30 years. He called it a fish of a lifetime.
_What’s next, economics professors noddling up giant flatheads? Anyone care to make a prediction which white-collar profession will catch or kill which beast next?