_–Chad Love
Proving the old adage that it’s lonely at the top, the Obama administration, which has long taken hits from the right for its alleged left-wing environmental radicalism, is now being slammed by Democrats for its alleged right-wing environmental do-nothingism.

From this story on NPR:
_Environmentalists have been quietly grumbling about the Obama administration for months. Now one of the country’s most prominent conservationists ˜ former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt ˜ is retaking the public stage to scold President Obama. Bruce Babbitt left the limelight 10 years ago after spending eight years as former President Clinton’s interior secretary. But Babbitt says he couldn’t stay quiet after Obama signed a deal with Congress that traded away environmental protections. The pact ejected gray wolves from the endangered species list, blocked approval of some new fisheries programs and squelched a policy to protect special landscapes.
_”What really motivated me to speak up is that the Obama administration is not responding,” Babbitt says. “It’s almost as if the administration is saying that the best defense to this huge crusade to do away with environmental laws is silence. And I just think that’s terribly wrong and I think it’s time to speak out.” Babbitt says House Republicans are determined to gut key conservation laws. “I think it’s really the worst assault on our environmental laws in my lifetime, I think, ever,” he says. Babbitt fears Obama and his team are relying on the Senate to provide the defense because they think avoiding controversy is good re-election strategy. “One, their silence is bad for the environment, and second, it’s bad politics,” he says. “They’re misreading the American people.” Babbitt says Americans support conservation but need leadership that they’re not getting from Obama.
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