_–Chad Love
A Pennsylvania hunting club claims that leakage form nearby gas drilling in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale formation has polluted a popular natural spring.

From this story in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:
Spring water, cold as winter and clear as a windowpane, gushes out of mossy ground in a clearing sprinkled with blooms of forget-me-not next to Stone Camp, the home of the Sykesville Hunting Club in the Moshannon State Forest. The bubbling flow has attracted generations of folks from Clearfield County and beyond, but staked into the ground now is a homemade sign bearing the warning: “Contaminated Water.” The sign seems out of place. Larry Righi certainly thinks so, even though he had a hand in putting it up months after a torn liner under one or more EOG Resources Marcellus Shale drill cuttings pits allowed leakage that contaminated groundwater feeding the spring almost two years ago.


_Mr. Righi, a longtime member of the local landmark Sykesville Hunting Club like his father before him, hopes new water test results will soon give a clean bill of health to the spring, which is the club’s only water source.

“We just want to be made whole, to get assurances that the contamination is gone and won’t be back and the water is good to drink again,” said Mr. Righi, whose hunting club has held a “permanent camp” lease since 1920 on a fraction of an acre in the 300-square-mile state forest. “And we want to get the word out because there’s lots of camps up here in the woods. … because these drilling rigs are going to be in your backyard sooner or later.”_