As a natural pessimist who assumes everything could go south at any given moment, this video piqued my interest. Take a look at the LifeCube emergency shelter, a tent system with an integrated hard floor that serves as its own heavy plastic shipping container when not deployed. The cube has detachable hoop wheels so it can be moved over uneven terrain. Once the whole thing unfolds, it forms a raised 144-square-foot platform.

Check out the video of it’s 5-minute deployment, and try to ignore the corny music if you can.


According to the website, the inflatable canopy is manufactured by the same company that makes life rafts for the Navy and is tear-proof, fire retardant and can withstand 50mph winds. Multiple cubes can even be lined-up and zipped together to create multi-room units. With obvious military and humanitarian applications, the shelter is also marketed to civilians and comes with different packages of supplies and tools as specified by the customer.


The commercial version includes: “sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, First Aid kit, propane cook top, dining utensils, tools, a water filtration device and food and water supplies.” All that and an elevated, hard floor…and it deploys in five minutes with no external equipment. Awesome. However, the site is completely devoid of price tags.

They’ve been around in the US since 2009, so has anyone seen one of these deployed or used one? If so, what did you think and do you have any idea how much one would cost?