The leaping ability of the great white shark is well-documented. It’s an amazing sight, when observed from a safe distance, of course. But what happens when it’s up close and personal, with 1,100 pounds of pissed-off, airborne shark hurtling straight toward you? Perhaps the scientists aboard this South African research vessel can tell you. After they find some clean britches…


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_Off the coast of South Africa, a team of researchers was out studying shark populations when, apparently, a great white shark looked to a do a little studying of its own — breaching the waves and flying aboard the researchers’ boat. On “The Early Show,” Oceans Research team leader Dorien Schroder recalled the ordeal. “It had been a bit quiet around the boat for a few minutes, and I heard a splash,” she said. “And it’s a splash that I recognized as usually a shark breaching out of the water. So I turned around to see it, only to see a live shark in mid-air above one of my interns.”
_The intern, Schroder said, stepped toward her. Schroder said, “Later, (my intern) said, (she did that) because she thought I would know what to do, so I could grab her by her shirt and pull her onto the platform that we have on the stern of the boat right before the shark landed, actually, in the boat.” She added, “And all my other interns, as soon as the shark landed, actually joined me at the stern of the boat, and I calmed them down. And when the shark also calmed down, that’s when I realized, now I just need to get this shark back into the water.”

The shark, measuring around 10 feet long and weighing about 1,100 pounds, wasn’t going anywhere without some help, Schroder said. “We couldn’t manage to get it out on our own, so we ended up towing the boat with the shark back into port where a crane was waiting for u,s and they lifted the shark with the crane off the boat and into the water. And she swam away quite strongly. So, yeah, we’re very happy that the shark lived to tell the tale.”_

“So yeah, we’re very happy that WE lived to tell the tale.”

There, I fixed it for him…