So you think you’re a hard-core angler? Maybe, but you’ve got nothing on Lorraina Fortine, a woman so hard-core she decided to go fishing two days before her scheduled hospital trip – and ended up giving birth in her tent.

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A Kansas family returned from a fishing trip with more than mere fish to show for their outing. Lorraina Fortine (FOR’-teyn) was 39 weeks pregnant and scheduled for a C-section Monday. But her doctor told her she wouldn’t go into labor before then, so the family headed Friday to Cheney (CHEE’-nee) Lake for the weekend to celebrate her 3-year-old’s birthday. But her new baby wouldn’t wait.
Fortine told KWCH-TV she woke up Saturday morning in labor, had a few small contractions, and gave birth – in her tent. The newborn girl is named Summer Fortine. She came into the world weighing seven pounds, 13 ounces._

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