Mountain lion sightings are becoming increasingly common across the nation, but when you think “cougar” Ohio isn’t exactly the first state that comes to mind…

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_Bill Ecrement says he grabbed his camera after his wife said she thought she saw a coyote in the field behind their home. But what Ecrement saw was not a coyote. “She thought because we had a coyote sighting that she thought there was a coyote out there,” said Ecrement on Friday.

“I said ‘no, it’s not a coyote,’ and I looked it up on the computer to show her and grabbed the camera to take pictures of it.”

The photos were taken from his kitchen window about 130 yards away from an animal, Ecrement says, was lazily sunning itself on the edge of a grassy field next door. The depth of field is hard to judge from the photos themselves, but Ecrement insists the animal he saw was much larger than a common house cat. _


_”I guess it’s probably about a hundred pounds, a hundred-twenty pounds maybe…probably stood two-feet tall, make a good German Shepherd look small,” said Ecrement.

The photographs were taken on June 30, days before news reports surfaced of other sightings of a “mountain lion” roaming Stark County. The photographs show what appears to be another animal, probably a coyote, emerging from behind the cat and to its right. The second animal appears to startle the cat, which sits up and eventually follows the coyote into the woods.

“…A biologist with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, who saw one of the photos, tells Fox 8 News without any additional evidence, he remains skeptical, believing the animal in the pictures was a common cat._

What say you? Is this a housecat or mountain lion?