Alligator gar, once thought of as trash fish good only for killing and leaving to rot, are quickly gaining status as a worthy catch-and-release gamefish. Yet another Texas state record (catch-and-release) gar has been caught, and this one is now swimming free…


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Joseph Williams thought he had the Texas record for a caught and released alligator gar in April, but the 200-pound gar died on him. This time, the 88-incher caught in the Trinity River was successfully measured, photographed and released, and is now the catch-and-release record for the Lone Star State. According to KYTX, Williams, from Cleveland, Texas, is passionate about preserving this trophy fish. Using circle hooks and a 14-foot boat that allows the gar to tow him around the river.
_William’s gar beat out the previous record by eight inches. Hopefully the next person who catches this fish uses the same practices as Williams.