Chad Love

Remember the Dallas attorney who made headlines a few weeks ago after he shot a monster alligator?

As it turns out, authorities allege there’s a little more to the story than he was letting on at the time…


From this story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
Dallas attorney Levi McCathern II is likely not smiling so widely now. McCathern, 42, a former Baptist minister whose website says he’s represented Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys in court, became something of a celebrity in his own right after claiming that he shot a 14-foot, 880-pound alligator on his first reptile hunt June 11. Photos of him posing next to the beast along the Trinity River in Leon County were flashed on television, carried by newspapers and bounced around the Internet. Turns out the alligator was actually 13 feet 1 inch and was no record as asserted. Worse, arrest warrants were issued Wednesday for McCathern and his three guides for illegally hunting the big gator and an 8-footer on private property, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials said. The four were expected to turn themselves in Wednesday at the Leon County Sheriff’s Department in Centerville, about 145 miles southeast of Fort Worth, department spokesman Mike Cox said in a news release.

An attorney for McCathern claims the men did, in fact, have permission to gator hunt on the property and expressed confidence his client would be acquitted, adding, “As big as this alligator was, they should have given him a medal.”

Thoughts? Reaction?