Bear attacks aren’t generally the first thing to come to mind when you think of Jersey. I mean, we expect rampaging Sopranos and Snookies, vicious Real Housewives and bellicose bear-sized governors, but a real, live bear attack is exactly what two Sussex County, New Jersey teens recently experienced.

From this story in the Wall Street Journal:
Two juveniles sustained minor injuries after a black bear attacked their campsite in northwestern New Jersey Wednesday. The attack occurred in Stokes State Forest in Sussex County. State Police say a black bear entered an area being used by campers from Montague-based Trail Blazers Camp. Troopers say the bear grabbed one juvenile out of a tent, causing a minor foot injury. It then swiped at another, causing a shoulder injury. The bear left, but soon returned and was rummaging through the campsite when state fish and game officials arrived and shot the bear in the neck.

Jersey bear attacks are uncommon. Has anyone else from the Garden State had a run-in with a bruin recently?