The world’s largest rat is apparently running free in California. No, not (insert least-favorite politician/celebrity here). The literal world’s largest rat. You know, the one you once shelled out two hard-earned bucks of your paper route money to see at the state fair because that scary-looking carnival barker convinced you it was a “terrifying giant man-eating rat from the Amazon,” and when you finally peeked behind the tent it turned to be a collie-sized guinea pig standing there placidly munching hay. Yeah, that one.


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The world’s largest known rodent, the capybara, was spotted by workers at the Paso Robles Wastewater Treatment Plant and photographed before submerging back into the water, reported Fox 35. “I received a call from the city of Paso Robles sewer plant,” Tom Tognazzini of the Department of Fish and Game told Your Central Coast News. This gigantic capybara is believed to weigh between 100-120 lbs. _”A capybara was consuming vegetation in the sewer ponds. It actually worked its way from south to north along each pond strip,” he said. This is reportedly the third sighting of a capybara in the Paso Robles area in three years and officials say it might be the same one.

“About three years ago, we had a second hand report from Hunter Ranch Golf Course of a capybara in the lake system. That sighting was never verified,” said Tognazzini. “The second sighting was a on a farm. The property owner called to report they had a capybara stealing alfalfa hay from their horses. The property owner came out, discharged a shotgun round at the capybara and didn’t know whether or not they had hit it,” he said. The species is native to South America leading experts to believe that this particular one might have been an illegal pet, or one that somehow escaped or was released from captivity._

My only question is when will they show up in Exoticistan (the state formerly known as Florida) and when will the season open?