If you had a caribou hunt in Labrador, Canada booked this fall, you might want to call your outfitter about getting a refund…

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The provincial Department of Environment and Conservation is postponing the opening of the caribou hunting season in Labrador, with no date for when hunting caribou might be allowed again. The season was scheduled to begin Aug. 10. According to a statement issued by the department, the stability of the George River caribou herd is in question and has led to the change of plans.
“Ongoing research and monitoring efforts by the provincial government and its partners since the 2010 census suggest that a further population decline is occurring, despite major restrictions on harvesting that were implemented last fall,” stated a government news release. In 2001, the herd’s size was estimated to be 385,000 animals. A census in July 2010 estimated the herd size had dropped to 74,000 animals._