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The family of a man who was gored to death last October by a mountain goat in Olympic National Park has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit.

From this story in the Seattle Times: _
The incident took place on Oct. 16 when Bob Boardman, 63, was hiking at Klahhane Ridge in the park, along with his wife, Susan Chadd and a friend, Pat Willis. According to an incident report filed by Colin Smith, the park’s chief ranger, “the goat approached Boardman’s party while they were sitting and having lunch. They did not approach the goat; instead when it came up to them they attempted to leave the area._ “The goat then followed alongside or behind Boardman for approximately ≤ to 1 mile until the fatal encounter. … There is no evidence Boardman committed any acts of aggression towards the goat. … The goat gored Boardman with its left horn. …”The wound severed an artery, which caused rapid blood loss and was fatal. The goat then stood over or near Boardman for at least 30 minutes after the goring, keeping any rescuers from reaching Boardman. It is likely that Boardman died within five minutes of being gored.”

Rangers shot and killed the goat that afternoon. “…Messina (plaintiff’s attorney) said the National Park Service had received complaints about the goat for four years and should have known it was a danger.