Anglers have been chasing, dreaming about, obsessing over and scheming for the largemouth bass world record ever since that fateful day in 1932, when George Perry pulled his famous 22lb, 4oz. behemoth out of Georgia’s Lake Montgomery, weighed it, photographed it and promptly ate it. There have been any number of theories about where the new record bass will be caught, how it will be caught, what it will be caught on and if it’s possible to purposely grow a world-record bass.

But thus far, a largemouth (either wild-caught or grown in captivity) exceeding that magical 22lb, 4oz. mark has eluded anglers and scientists alike. But maybe everyone’s been going about it all wrong. Figuratively speaking, we live in a world swimming with junk food, so why shouldn’t our fish do the same? It’s worked for this fish…


From this story on the Huffington Post:
A fish raised on Kit-Kats is being forced to give them a break after getting too big for his tank. The fatso fish is named Gary, and he’s a 15.7-inch, 8.8-pound gourami, an exotic Asian freshwater fish that is considered a delicacy in Indonesia. Gary was in the care of a private owner until he was donated to the SeaLife Aquarium in London after becoming too large, a common fate for many domesticated fish, according to center spokeswoman Rebecca Carter. However, despite being supersized, Gary was not eating the normal aquarium fare he was being served. Officials were perplexed until they checked with the previous owners and discovered he had been raised strictly on a diet of Kit-Kat candybars. “I have never heard of a fish being fed chocolate, let alone being brought up entirely on the stuff,” Carter said in a statement on the aquarium’s website. “Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit but Gary doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from his chocolate addiction. However, we would NOT recommend feeding fish confectionary of any kind!”

Think of the way this could revolutionize the bait industry! Kit-Kat shaped Senkos! Chocolate-and-caramel scented Powerbait! And bass so huge they bring new meaning to the words hawg, pig, sowbelly and toad! Flyfishing, too! Anyone up for tying the deadly Hershey’s Kiss fly?