If you haven’t yet read Hal Herring’s excellent blog post on the motorized future of American wilderness please go do so now. It’s a must-read. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.

However, I’ve always been a big believer in contingency plans, so if this piece of legislation actually becomes law and we are allowed to drive right into the heart of what little true wilderness remains, well then, you might as well do it in style…


From this story on
_The Quail Lodge sale held during Pebble Beach Car Week in August each year, always attracts extraordinary automobiles, and this year, the most talked about lot at the auction is one of the most delightfully eccentric for many a year. It is a handmade 1925 Rolls-Royce New Phantom, commissioned by the Maharaja of Kotah to be specifically built for tiger hunting. The eight liter Roller has spotlights for night hunting, a mounted Howdah gun (double-barrel shotgun in pistol form), a rifle stand in the rear passenger compartment. There’s also a mountable Lantaka cannon, and a machine gun mounted on an attached, matching trailer.__

The list of special extras for this car is a bit longer than you’d normally find on even the most lavishly bespoke roller, with some of them kinda weird. F’rinstance, there’s a hidden safe, a nickel-plated hissing snake horn, and the car came from the factory with the lowest available gearing, enabling it to creep through the Rajasthan jungle in search of prey. One wonders if the noise of the Rolls Royce was more or less conducive to finding quarry than the animal it most certainly replaced – an elephant -though it was no doubt a tad more comfortable._

The car is estimated to fetch up to a cool million at auction. Any takers?