Everyone knows the snakehead is an aggressive invader that will eat pretty much anything it can get down its throat, but teenage boys in kayaks?


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Officials in Delaware want to know who dumped invasive and aggressive fish into a Bear pond. Northern snakeheads were discovered last week in Becks Pond after one bit a teen kayaker trying to catch some younger snakeheads, according to state Fish & Wildlife Enforcement. “Snakeheads are known for aggressively protecting their young,” said Fisheries Biologist Stewart Michels.

__On Tuesday state officials retrieved a 25-inch fish and several hundred young fish from the pond. And at least two more adult snakeheads were seen in the water, according to officials. Snakeheads, which are prohibited to be owned by state and federal laws, are highly predatory fish that can impact other fish and amphibians, officials said. The pond is popular fishing spot for anglers looking to catch bass, crappie and bluegill.

Skinny dipping during the snakehead spawn? Not a good idea…