What is it with saltwater records lately? From stripers to swordfish to tiger sharks it seems everyone’s suddenly catching giants. We can add one more notch to this summer of big fish after a Massachusetts teen recently landed a potential new state-record blue shark.


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A teenager from Amesbury who caught an enormous blue shark last week in waters off Newburyport may have gotten more than the thrill of a lifetime. Ethan Lynch, 15, may also have broken a state record. I never caught a fish over 20 pounds, and when I finally caught this, I was like, ‘Oh, God, this could be my record for life,’ ” Lynch said yesterday in a phone interview. He and several other youngsters were aboard the Erica Lee II, which offers fishing expeditions for youths as part of its Coastal Discoveries program, about 20 miles off shore in Jeffreys Ledge Tuesday, when the 12-foot, 458-pound shark caught Lynch’s line, said Bob Yeomans, the captain of the vessel.
“It took around 30 to 35 minutes” to reel it in, Lynch said. “I was calling all my cousins [afterward], calling everyone I could imagine in my family, posting on Facebook, trying to just spread the word.” Yeomans said that Lynch may have caught the largest blue shark on record in Massachusetts._