A few weeks back there was a lively discussion on the Man’s Best Friend blog about the ethics of leasing a bird dog with the consensus among most being that no, you wouldn’t and don’t much care for the idea.

But what about a goat or llama? Heck, according to this Craigslist ad you can even sign up for a goat “rent to own” program…

_Trained Packgoats and Llamas for rent. Horned goats and non-horned goats to choose from. $25 per goat per day for goats, $50 per day for llamas, includes saddle and panniers for each goat and llama. They are great for hunting, backpacking, meat packing, etc. Easy going animals, friendly, and a joy to be around. If you have a shell on your pickup you can easily transport them in the back, or I have several small trailers you can rent for a small additional fee.


_If you know you will use them a lot this season, ask me about my Goat and Llama Ownership Sharing Program that will enable you to use the goats more frequently for even less money out of your pocket. Great for backpacking, Boy Scout trips, hunting, etc. I also am thinning down my herd a bit, so I have several trained goats and llamas for sale.
So say you’ve got a backcountry elk hunt planned, but you’re not an outfitter and you don’t own any pack animals of your own. So you rent a goat or a llama for the duration of your hunt. So the question is, is that any different than leasing a bird dog? And if yes, how so? Thoughts?