Continuing the recent “All Gators All The Time” theme, a few of the “Swamp People” were in Alabama recently and weighed in on Alabama’s recent state-record gator and the growing popularity of alligator hunting.

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Jacob and Troy Landry, the Cajun’ talkin’, gator wrasslin’ father son duo from the The History Channel’s hit show Swamp People had a lot to say about this year’s first alligator hunting season in central Alabama. In fact, they say that the hunting in Alabama may be even better than what they see in Louisiana. __

_We got the chance to pick their brains about the sport, the danger and what hunters can expect from Alabama alligators while they were in town at the 2011 Buckmasters Expo in downtown Montgomery.
_A few pearls of wisdom for those wanting to take up the sport…

Anyone can do it, but they need to be careful. Those things can take an arm off of even the pros real quick, so it’s important to make sure you watch your step, not turn your back and be not be careless. When they go out, in Alabama or wherever, they need to make sure that they follow the rules with game laws.
Any “Swamp People” fans out there who plan to try out gator hunting this year?