Sometimes it seems there are only about twelve hunters left in America who don’t have their own television show. And of those twelve, ten of them are shopping their demo tapes to anyone who’ll watch them. So that leaves me and, like, one other hunter, and since I’ve been told – repeatedly, by virtually everyone, including my wife – that I have a face for radio and a voice for print, don’t look for “Love In the Great Outdoors” any time soon.

Besides, everyone knows you gotta have some kind of hook for a show, some way to tattoo your brand on the public’s consciousness. Here’s a group of hunting show hopefuls who are trying to do just that, literally…


From this story in the Coshocton (Ohio) Tribune:__

_Dallas Brewer is waiting to see whether his dream of a reality television show based in Coshocton will come true. “Tattooed in the Wild” stars Brewer, his wife, Amanda, and their friends Keith and Stephanie Sharrock. All are heavily tattooed hunters who film their hunts. What sets their hunting show apart is the element added from Brewer’s tattoo shop, Sixth Street Tattoo. “We are filming … people getting wildlife tattoos done,” Brewer said. “If you wanted to come in and get a white-tailed deer tattooed on you, you’d get it on your arm then tell your story behind what got you into hunting, what makes you so passionate about it and why you’d get it tattooed on your body.”

_ _

Brewer is trying to negotiate to get the show picked up for television. The couples started shooting footage of their hunts more than three years ago. “We started out in the wild and decided we’d start filming to see if we could get some hunts on film,” Brewer said. “It kind of started out as a joke, and I started noticing how many people were getting wildlife tattoos done out of the shop and how popular they were. It’s a huge part of our business.” After talking about other popular tattoo and hunting television shows, Brewer and Keith decided theirs would have a different angle and started to run with it. “We’ve just kept it under wraps. We kind of told people about it, but I don’t think anybody really had any idea how big it was going to be until now,” he said. “They realize it is the real deal.”_

So let’s play Field Notes Gong Show. Whaddya think? Good idea or gimmick? Think it’ll fly or flop?