The seemingly never-ending heat wave/drought in the southwest is taking a toll on many things: wildlife, crops, water supplies, sanity, but you know it’s really bad when the heat makes even reality television say “enough is enough.”


From this story in the New York Times:
_The Texas heat is forcing the A&E television network to call “time out” on a new series about hunting hogs. The network’s “American Hoggers” series was set to premiere Aug. 16, focusing on the Campbell family of central Texas. They hunt wild boar seen as a scourge by some residents and ranchers. A&E said Wednesday that producers have cut back on the filming schedule due to high heat. The series will instead premiere sometime in fall, at a date to be determined. David McKillop, executive vice president of programming at A&E, says that “in this record-breaking heat, even the hogs can use a break.” _

American Hoggers? Seriously? This is the best name A&E could come up with? Never mind the hogs, if the show’s creators think that name is going to draw an audience (other than the morbidly curious and those who follow eating contests) then it sounds to me like they’re the ones who have spent a little too much time in the heat. Can anyone else help out these poor, heat-stressed folks with a show name that doesn’t sound like the latest figures on U.S. obesity rates?