This video of a Texas man and his nine-year-old son catching a seven-foot shark from a kayak has the Internet buzzing.

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For Kevin Stevens and his 9-year-old son Hunter, last Saturday started off as a regular day of shark fishing. They had been out in their kayak off the Galveston, Texas, coast for three hours when they decided they wanted to call it a day because of the heat. Before Stevens took in his fishing pole, though, one of the reels started clicking. He started reeling it in to see what it was, and the line was completely limp. “Apparently the shark had been coming at me so I didn’t feel it on the line,” Stevens told ABC News._

_”__It realized there was a kayak in front of it, and it took off running.” Stevens released the kayak’s anchor, and proceeded to be pulled up and down the coast, one pocket beach to the next, for about an hour, which he called a “Texas sleigh ride.” The two fishermen knew they had a big shark on the line, but when they finally got it into the boat they saw the actual size. “We were shocked,” Stevens said. “We didn’t realize how big it was.” The shark was between six and seven feet long — Stevens used his six and a half foot paddle to measure it — and his kayak was only 12 feet._

But the footage has some criticizing the dad’s decision…

From a column in the Orange County Register:

Is it just me, or does this seem just a wee bit dangerous? Does the dad seem just a wee bit crazy for letting it go on as long as he did with his kid sitting just a few feet from a thrashing shark that is probably at least a little peeved to be at the business end of a big hook?

What do you think?