Here’s one from the “cut off your nose to spite your face” files. Tire spike-wielding vandals have forced the closure of an 80,000-acre wildlife management area in Tennessee because they’re allegedly unhappy with new plans on how to control the area’s wild hogs.


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The Catoosa Wildlife Management Area has been temporarily closed to all public access while the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency attempts to remove nails, spikes and nail-boards scattered by vandals. TWRA officials believe the vandalism is the work of a small group of individuals who are angry over recent changes in the management of Catoosa’s wild hog population. Those changes include the elimination of a three-day wild hog hunt with dogs in early January as well as the TWRA’s increased efforts to trap and relocate wild hogs to address the increasing hog population at Catoosa and the surrounding Cumberland Plateau. Since late June vandals have placed homemade nail boards and spikes ˜ some of them 10 inches long ˜ in fields and along secondary roads accessing wild hog trap sites on the 80,000-acre wildlife management area. _To date 13 tires have been damaged on TWRA trucks, and four tractor tires have been punctured flat.
So you’re unhappy with hog management policies on your favorite hunting spot, so to protest said changes, you…vandalize and thereby force the closure of your favorite hunting spot? While it makes perfect sense to the me that inhabits alternate-universe bizarro world, to the me that inhabits this astral plane it just sounds incredibly stupid, and dangerous.