_–Chad Love
Everyone knows that hybrids are touted as green, environmentally friendly, save-the-planet type vehicles, so if I were Toyota executives I’d be viewing this bit of news as pure marketing gold…

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A Pleasanton family came home from their latest trip to Tahoe with a bear of a tale. A bear literally totaled the McCarthy family’s 2002 Prius after getting stuck inside. Brian McCarthy said he and his wife were awakened by a honking horn outside their cabin and when they investigated the source of the sound they found a very angry bear had become trapped inside their car. “He ripped out the back seat. There’s nothing left. There’s nothing left inside of our Prius. Gone,” Brian McCarthy said.

_He said the event got even scarier when the car started rolling toward a neighbor’s home. “The car was gone. The bear’s gotten the car in neutral. He just ripped the gears shift down,” Cece McCarthy said. The Prius slammed into a neighbor’s front yard. A few boulders on the front lawn stopped it from hitting the house . That impact must have freed up something to allow the bear to escape, because the bear ran off after that and hasn’t been seen since.
This is a car commercial just waiting to happen. A bear lumbers into the neighborhood and – given a choice of all the cars on the block – chooses the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius to take for a joyride and destroy. Toyota marketing better hop on that quickly. I’ll accept only a small royalty for the idea, and if any readers can come up with a catchy slogan to accompany the commercial, I’ll give that reader exactly half of what Toyota gives me.*

*But don’t get your hopes up. In the immortal words of Jethro Bodine – “Naught from naught…is naught.”