A hunter determined to track down a deer got separated from his friends on Saturday morning in Trinity County, CA. He finally found his way back to his truck…after 86 hours.

From this AP story via
_Twenty-five-year-old Evan Cutting was hunting with a group of friends when he got separated from them while pursuing a deer around 11 a.m. Saturday.

Trinity County sheriff’s deputies unsuccessfully searched for Cutting for two days, then suspended the search Monday night.

Sheriff’s officials say Cutting somehow managed to return to his truck Tuesday night and called family and friends.
Cutting’s friend, Dakota Fullerton, says three men from their hunting group had gone searching for Cutting late Tuesday, firing gunshots in the air to catch his attention. Fullerton says the group eventually managed to find him, dehydrated with blistered feet, and brought him out of the woods.
The story is a little confusing, in that it says that he found his way back to his truck, and that his friends also found him. The real question is, did he find the deer?

Have you ever gotten hopelessly lost tracking a buck?