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We all know someone who’s just no fun to drink with. The guy who, when he gets a few in him, becomes a loudmouth, a braggart, a belligerent or – if you’re particularly unlucky – a weepy “I love you bro” babbler. But in my book there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, worse than an ungulate who can’t hold his liquor…


From this story on Huffington Post:

Too much elk-ahol? Rescue workers had their hands full on Tuesday night when an apparently drunk moose got itself stuck in a tree in Gothenburg, Sweden. Police believe that the moose became tipsy after ingesting a few too many fermented apples. “I thought at first that someone was having a laugh.” Per Johansson, who first spotted the animal, told Swedish newspaper The Local . “Then I went over to take a look and spotted an elk stuck in an apple tree with only one leg left on the ground.”

According to the newspaper, it appeared that the moose was trying to climb the tree to reach a hanging fruit. Some animals in the region are known to get drunk during the fall on overripe fruit that fall from trees and naturally ferment on the ground. Luckily, the emergency team managed to pull the animal out of the tree that night, giving it some time to sleep off its buzz for heading back into the woods.

Yeah, the old “I ate a few too many fermented apples” excuse. That one stopped working on my wife years ago…