Shark Fishing photo

Tiger sharks apparently aren’t big fans of extreme watersports or French diplomats…


From this story in the Daily Telegraph:
A French diplomat working for the European Union has been rushed to Australia for medical treatment after being attacked by a shark in Papua New Guinea. Thomas Viot, 30, was bitten on the leg by what he believed was a tiger shark as he kite-surfed near a reef off the capital, Port Moresby, 1,800 kms from Darwin, The Daily Mail reported. Despite a wound that went down to the bone, causing a huge loss of blood, Mr Viot managed to kite-surf back to a beach where local people and friends rushed to his aid._

‘I don’t know how I managed it after the attack, but somehow I succeeded in riding back to the shore with my kite surf,’ he said after being flown to the Queensland city of Brisbane. Mr Viot said he was ‘bleeding very badly’ after the shark, which was at least 6.5ft long, lunged at him as he stood on his kiteboard. Speaking from his hospital bed in Brisbane, Mr Viot said doctors had told him that the leg needs to have surgery. An economist with the EU, Mr Viot has been working in Papua New Guinea for two and a half years.

So do you think the shark was tired of enduring watersports in his home waters, making a political protest statement about EU monetary policy, or looking for lunch?