Indiana has become the latest state to allow crossbows during the deer archery season.

From this story in the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel (via Outdoor Pressroom):
On its second go-round, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources implemented changes that will affect deer hunters statewide. During a meeting Tuesday in Indianapolis, Natural Resources Commission officials voted on and approved a new set of deer-hunting regulations that had been recommended and preliminarily approved by the NRC last January…

The biggest changes included extending the archery season and allowing crossbows throughout the archery season, creating a deer license bundle and implementing the so-called “earn-a-buck” rule in the urban zones, including the Fort Wayne urban zone.
_The new archery season will last from Oct. 1 through the first Sunday in January without the traditional one-week break that separated early and late seasons. The hotly contested crossbow rule will allow hunters who were previously limited to using that equipment only in the late archery season to enjoy the full archery season.

Thoughts? Do you think that eventually most, if not all states, will allow crossbows during archery season?