Montana wildlife officers recently had to euthanize a grizzly bear that had a history of killing livestock.


From this story on the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks homepage:

_A 10-year-old grizzly bear with a history of killing livestock was euthanized this week after it was caught killing cattle southeast of Red Lodge. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife biologist Shawn Stewart of Red Lodge said the 400-pound male bear was captured Friday by federal Wildlife Services agents after it killed cattle in a rancher’s pasture. Wyoming officials captured the bear in 2007 north of Cody after it killed cows in that area. They put a microchip and lip tattoo in the animal for future identification and release it west of Dubois, Wyo., some 90 miles southwest of Cody.
__The bear apparently traveled north through the Yellowstone area and into Montana this year, Stewart said. After reports of livestock depredation near Red Lodge, federal agents captured the bear and turned it over to FWP officials, who identified it as the animal marked in Wyoming. Because the bear is a two-time offender, biologists determined that there is no place in the Yellowstone ecosystem or Montana where it could be released without coming into contact with livestock._

Thoughts? Time to start thinking about a limited grizzly hunting season?