Remember Kenny Files, the Maryland teenager who recently caught a record muskie. Well, here’s yet another teenager catching yet another monster muskie, this time in Minnesota.

From this story in the Rapid City Journal:
George Eccarius had been waiting most of his 14-year-old life for his “once-in-a-lifetime” catch…”So don’t scoff when you hear the big fish story about how George caught a 51-inch muskellunge at Leech Lake in north central Minnesota early last month. After all, he’s been waiting for it. “The guide helping us was hooting and hollering, because he’s excited we caught such a big fish,” George said. “My Dad was really happy for me, like he always is. I didn’t express anything as much as shock. It looked a lot different outside of the water.” The catch came late in the day on Aug. 8.

After what had largely been a frustrating day and a half on the water — just a handful of muskie follows in double-digit hours of fishing — George’s opportunity opened up around the same time Scott had been following a fish in roughly the same spot. George said he was committed to making one more drift cast out over the water before considering moving on to a new position. With his 80-pound test on the line, he cast over the back of the boat. “You’re never supposed to do that in muskie fishing,” George said.”Sure enough, I got it.” An intense 5-minute battle with the 34-pound fish ensued; George said in an online account of his tale that he had to grunt as he was preventing the fish from going under the boat. When it surfaced, it took a few seconds for that initial shock to wear off; George said even the guide’s hands were shaking.

So apparently the secret to catching big muskies is… to be a teenager.