A North Carolina man, Rodney Poteat, was banned from hunting worldwide for two years after he pleaded guilty to poaching charges in Kentucky. The case caught the attention of authorities after hunters in Kentucky, using their trail cam photos, identified a whitetail that Poteat claimed was taken in North Carolina.

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U.S. Magistrate Judge E. Robert Goebel said the hunting ban was a condition of unsupervised probation, according to David J. Hale, United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky. Poteat is a former resident of Hart County, Kentucky. He also pleaded guilty to transporting a dead bobcat without a non-resident hunting license.

He agreed to pay the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources $5,300 in restitution for fees he would have paid for hunting in the state between 2002 and 2011.
Federal prosecutors said Poteat last November carried a 14-point white-tailed deer from Hart County, Ky., to his home without reporting the kill. Poteat was required to purchase a non-resident hunting license and deer permit prior to hunting in Kentucky.

The case caught the attention of Kentucky Fish and Wildlife special investigations officers when hunters from the Hart County area reported that Poteat claimed one of his mounted deer was taken in North Carolina, the Outdoor Hub reported. However, the other hunters had trail camera photos taken in Hart County of a live deer with a distinctive antler configuration identical to Poteat’s deer mount._

Talk about the power of trail cams and a sharp eye.