A seven-foot-tall Russian boxer with an obsession for Bigfoot has returned empty-handed from a two-day expedition in search of the beast. In response, Bigfoot tweeted about the experience.

You probably think I just made that up, don’t you?

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You remember Nikolai Valuev — the 7-foot Russian boxer whom you told your kids would show up in their closet at night if they didn’t behave. He retired due to joint and bone problems in 2009 after losing the WBA heavyweight title to David Haye, and now he has a new hobby. Bigfoot researcher. Actually Valuev is somewhat obsessed with the mystical Russian Yeti, which allegedly roams in the Kuzbass region of southern Siberia. The creature, also called the Siberian Bigfoot, has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in the region.
“…Valuev set out on a two-day expedition on Tuesday to find Bigfoot, and despite reporting having seen “traces” of the beast, came back today empty-handed . “Valuyev did not manage to meet the yeti itself but on the way he discovered ‘traces’ such as broken tree branches,” a local government press release said on September 16. “By the time they reached the Azass cave, the expedition saw gigantic footprints, similar to a human’s.” According to the government press release, Valuyev, 38, spoke to local hunters who have sighted the beast, but they warned that the Kuzbass yeti “doesn’t like to appear before humans.” Local authorities told Russian media in February 2009 that there had been a sighting of a “hairy humanoid creature that was 1.5-2 meters tall.”

Apparently, however, Bigfoot didn’t take kindly to Valuev’s boorish manners, and took to the Twitterverse to complain…

A twitter account claiming to be the elusive mythical creature tweeted the following at 2 p.m. Moscow time on September 16: “Nikolai Valuyev drank a bucket of tea in my cave, but carelessly forgot the bucket itself. Thanks! It’ll come in useful at home. Pity that it’s not quite enough for me.”

And if you’re interested in following, the Russian Bigfoot’s Twitter account is here. Personally, judging by the photos of Valuev, I’d say he’s looking for his real parents…