An 11-year-old Washington state boy who was born with only one arm refused to let that stop him from bagging his first deer.

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Justin Ristine, 11, might be the best one-armed hunter around. If ability is judged by percentage of shots fired compared to deer taken, he’s as good a hunter as there is, one arm or two. On his first hunting trip earlier this month, he fired one shot and bagged one deer. The buck died instantly. The Marysville boy was born with only one arm, his left.

He fired the shot from a rifle set on a tripod. Justin went on his hunting trip near Colfax in Eastern Washington Oct. 16 courtesy of Youth Outdoors Unlimited , a Moses Lake-based organization. The fledgling non-profit group’s mission is to help children with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses, who have an interest in outdoor sports, go on a hunting or fishing trip. The rest of the story is a great read, and inspiring. Congratulations, Justin.