Here’s one from the “I’d die for a piece of cake right now – literally” files. A raging sweet tooth is apparently going to be a death sentence for one sugar-craving black bear who recently broke into a Florida home and made off with a birthday cake.

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Reports of a very bold black bear in Macclenny has the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission issuing some advice and warnings as they try to track it and kill it. The bear apparently broke into a home at 2 a.m. Monday and grabbed food, including a birthday cake, before ambling off, according to commission spokeswoman Karen Parker. A commission biologist went to the home Tuesday to investigate and found a well-used trail behind it and lots of garbage spread around by the bear, as well as remains of the cake, Parker said.

Wildlife officials set a trap baited with cupcakes, since this bear seems to have a sweet tooth. Commission biologists know this bear, since it was part of a research project at Camp Blanding and has been outfitted with a white collar and two ear tags, Parker said. Biologists tracking the bear say it had moved several miles south of Macclenny by Tuesday morning, and when it’s captured, it will be put down.”Relocating this bear is not an option,” Parker stated in a news release. “Public safety is our No. 1 concern. When we catch it, we will euthanize it. We do not want the bear entering another house.”